Pre-Release Protection

Web Sheriff® offers our bespoke Pre-Release Protection program—a unique strategy merging technology and human elements—to protect pre-release copyrighted materials that are potentially at risk of piracy and damaging revenue streams. Our combination of 24/7 automation and highly experienced human analysts ensures constant online monitoring for any potential leaks before they have an opportunity to populate the web.

Catalogue Protection

Our custom automation program performs 50 million queries per day for entire back catalogues. Continuously searching the internet—particularly the most popular pirate sites—the automation works in tandem with our analysts, monitoring the web to identify new platforms and any threats to your content.

Brand & Product Protection

Web Sheriff® targets online retail platforms, public auction websites, and social media pages to detect and terminate sales of any unauthorized or counterfeit items. Sellers and manufacturers are also located to nullify the problem of infringing material and to secure damages.

Our Operations and Legal & Business Affairs Teams work with clients to assist in removals, as well as to highlight marketing opportunities and potential strategies to promote business development. Web Sheriff® acts as a mediator between sellers and copyright owners, in addition to identifying other potential revenue streams that could be beneficial to business growth.

YouTube® Optimization

Boost your YouTube® earning potential as a content owner. Web Sheriff® has the capability to maximize the promotional and financial effectiveness of YouTube® for your company. Not only do we protect your brand by removing all unauthorized YouTube® content, but we can also increase traffic to your official channels through our fan-friendly policing, viral marketing, and special-edit video production.

Social Media Optimization

Web Sheriff® maintains positive relationships with key personnel at major platforms such as Facebook®, Twitter®, and Instagram®, which improve the results that can be achieved on behalf of rights holders. We are able to represent our clients favorably on these platforms with the removal of unauthorized content and promotion of official material for a beneficial fan engagement strategy.

Domain Name Evaluation & Reclamation

Eliminate threats of cybersquatting by having Web Sheriff® assist in securing the surrender of illegally registered domains that are infringing upon your brand. Our Domain Name Evaluation & Reclamation service reduces your risk of any fraudulent activity exploiting trademarks, goodwill, image rights, and pertaining intellectual property rights.

Reputation Management

We help celebrities and members of the public deal with the removal of defamatory or malicious comments, unauthorized images, and any online threats; as well as the termination of cyberstalking, harassment, and revenge campaigns designed to smear reputations. The Web Sheriff® Legal & Business Affairs Team—comprised of specialists in online libel protection, reputation management, privacy protection, and invasions of privacy for private individuals and families—works together with any necessary law enforcement officials, as well as law firms and social services.

Consumer Protection Services

Web Sheriff® advises and assists with online consumer issues, including combatting e-fraud, fraudulent sellers, defective goods, and all other safe-shopping issues.

Tour / Event Protection

Combining our services tailored to concert tours, sports tournaments and other major events, Web Sheriff® assists clients in reducing illegal merchandising and commercial bootlegging. We also stop unauthorized content appearing on YouTube®, Facebook®, Twitter®, and other social media platforms, whilst virally promoting official sites and sources.

Corporate Security & Governance

Web Sheriff® offers online protection services to both public and private entities. We advise, assist, and assert action in relation to all online issues, in order to keep organizations, schools, and families safe on the net.

Internet Auditing

See a global perspective of your online scope and reputation with our Internet Auditing service. This analysis highlights which facets of your online presence should be enhanced and developed, and which aspects are potentially detrimental and should be re-examined.

Global Client Protection

An exclusive program devised by Web Sheriff®, Global Client Protection provides an all-inclusive service encompassing all the aspects listed above on a 24/7, year-round basis. This provides clients with the ultimate in personal internet protection and web presence development. The Web Sheriff® Stalker Protection provides security and defense against online stalkers and cyberbullies. We have developed relationships with law enforcement and support groups to assist victims of online abuse and to ensure the successful cessation of online threats.

Viral / Traffic Redirection

Our innovative strategy of engineering mass-traffic redirection diverts users away from pirated, counterfeit content and toward official sites, promotions, social media, and online retail platforms in a fan-friendly manner. This relationship-building approach is a key tactic for creating consumer confidence and fan loyalty.