Magazines and newspapers that Web Sheriff has been featured in

“Battle Over Online Piracy Gets a Sheriff”
Rolling Stone

“Web Sheriff prefers persuasion over
prosecution and points to recent winners
Lady Gaga and Adele”

Los Angeles Times

“New Sheriff In Town”

“Web Sheriff talks about Twitter”
Hollywood Reporter

“The Online Crusader”

“Web Sheriff Comes to Hollywood”
CBS News Online

“A New Sheriff in Cyber Town”
Music Week

“Taking the US approach to the UK”
Music & Media

“Web Sheriff; an incredibly personable
copyright agency that leaves a very real
mark on the internet”

The Fader

“These people are really good at what they do”
The Village Voice

“Top Music Specialists”
Music Business International

“Web Sheriff protected two
US #1 Box Office movies”

Celebrity Access

“If the internet is the Wild West of the
digital age, musicians need protection
– step forward the Web Sheriff”

The Independent

“Psyched that your favourite band’s
new album just leaked – chances are the
Web Sheriff has already found it”

Men’s Health

“Web Sheriff; an agency that polices online piracy of copyright and trademarks”
Mail On Sunday

“Web Sheriff; an organisation that patrols
the internet for illegal music recordings
on behalf of record companies”

The Guardian

“Web Sheriff has already disabled one of the
violent pornographic website’s billing pages,
so no new users can pay to view the images”

BBC Online News

“The Web Sheriff is now being used to
remove leaked episodes of television shows
from the internet”

Times Online

“One repeat defender on the
labels’ behalf is Web Sheriff”

CMJ New York

“The Bands sprung into action, hiring the online copyright enforcer Web Sheriff”
Canoe Toronto

“Web Sheriff, which specialises in precisely
this kind of rights enforcement action”

Hifi & Computer World

“They’ve put together a Youtube
Do’s and Don’ts for fans”

Q Magazine

“Internet Policing Specialists Web Sheriff”
Readers Digest

“Web Sheriff tackles music piracy
with a soft touch”

Chicago Tribune

“The Web Sheriff : A New Kind of Enforcement”
LA Splash

“Web Sheriff is known for a ‘gentle’
approach in antipiracy services”

Washington Internet Daily

“Online holiday safety tips from the Web Sheriff”
Yahoo News

“Web Sheriff fights music piracy
with social media”

IT World Canada

“Just like the Wild Wild West the
internet needs a good sheriff to
enforce the law. In the world of the web
there is only ONE Web Sheriff”

Music News Australia

“The Web Sheriff provides tips for
safe on-line shopping Down Under”

Daily Finance Australia

“English company Web Sheriff specialises in protection of copyrights on the Internet”
Moscow News


Web Sheriff joins Steve & Tim on
Steve Wright in the Afternoon
discussing on-line safety
on the UK’s favourite radio show
Listen Here

“Web Sheriff, the World’s leading
internet policing specialists”

BBC Radio 6

“World expert in fighting piracy on the internet”
Voice America

“Protector of music and films”

“Thanks to you, people can get their
just returns for their years of work”

Blog Talk Radio US

“Leading entertainment specialist”
RTE Radio Ireland

“One of England’s leading
entertainment specialists”

Radio New Zealand

“Internet expert John Giacobbi and his
aptly named company Web Sheriff”

BBC Radio 4

“Sheriff on the net”
Sirius Radio NY

“One man who probably knows more about
this than anybody –the Web Sheriff”

Radio 2UE News Talk Australia