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Business – B2B
Weeding The Garden – And Growing Roses Too

actors_maskA Rock’n’Roll client once said to me that keeping the internet clear of piracy and other issues was like “weeding the garden” … .. you have to keep on-top of it or the weeds grow-back – but, if you keep at it, you’ll end-up with a beautiful rose garden.

In many ways, this is a very accurate analogy and many are the times when we’ve been called-in and asked to help transform a ‘netscape’ from weeds to roses … .. and just as this is possible with real gardens, so too is it possible on the internet – cultivating and developing your web presence, both for your benefit and, moreover, for the benefit of your fans and customers.

So, whether you own a brand or product, or a catalogue of highly successful albums, movies, TV rights, games, i-books or any other kind of intellectual property, Web Sheriff is here to help you build and protect your netscape – resulting in a far more cohesive presence on-line and a far more enjoyable browsing experience that is centred on your own sites, social media, i-stores and apps.

Consumer – B2C
“All the World’s a Stage” and that stage is the Internet

actors_maskWhen Shakespeare wrote in 1599 that “All the World’s a Stage”, little did he know how prophetic his words would be … .. and that, over 400 years later, the world would literally become a stage courtesy of the internet and the platform that it provides to all of us.

As such, we’re living in an age when the internet affects all of our lives and on a daily basis – mainly for the better, but sometimes also for the worse … .. these days, you don’t have to be a Hollywood A-Lister or a Rock’n’Roll Superstar to have internet issues or on-line problems … .. everyone from small businesses, to on-line shoppers, families, schools and even children (who can be particularly vulnerable) are at risk from all manner of cyber issues – including e-fraud, impersonation, on-line libels, invasions of privacy, trolling, cyber-stalking and worse.

The unrivalled experience and know-how that Web Sheriff has developed in over a decade of representing corporate and showbiz clients on-line, is now also available to you – and at prices that you don’t have to be a Rock Star to afford … .. so, whatever your on-line issues, we’re here to help.

John Giacobbi, Founder & CEO