B2B Services

B2B Services
Web Sheriff® Business-to-Business Services

1. New Release Protection – protecting and promoting movies / TV shows / albums / singles / videos / games / e-books / product launches in their critical, pre-and-post leak and pre-and-post release phases.

2. Catalogue Protection – protecting and promoting entire catalogues for all types of intellectual property.

3. Brand & Product Protection – protecting and promoting brands and products / services on-line (and including in relation to on-line retail, eBay and Amazon).

4. Viral Marketing & Traffic Re-Direction – successfully and uniquely engineering fan-friendly mass-traffic-redirection away from pirated and counterfeit content and towards official sites, promotions, social media and on-line retail.

5. YouTube Optimization – maximizing the promotional and financial potential of YouTube by massively increasing traffic to official channels through fan-friendly policing, viral marketing and special-edit video production.

6. Social Media Optimization – optimizing and policing social media, clearing-out bogus / imposter profiles and recovering account names.

7. Domain Name Recoveries – securing the hand-over / surrender of infringing and illegally registered domain names from cyber-squatters.

8. On-Line Libel Protection / Reputation Management / Privacy Protection – reputation management, removal of on-line libels and invasions of privacy.

9. Revenge Porn, Fake Porn & Upskirting Protection – protecting female and male celebrities and public figures against these particularly malicious and menacing invasions of privacy.

10. Tour / Event Protection – a combination of all of the above services and tailored to concert tours, sports tournaments and other major events (in particular stopping illegal merchandise and commercial bootlegging, as well as controlling content on YouTube and social media and virally promoting official sites and sources).

11. Corporate Security & Governance – advice and consulting in relation to all aspects of on-line corporate security and governance (including tailoring corporate and employee policies).

12. Internet Auditing – taking a global ‘snap-shot’ of your on-line presence and reputation, analysing what aspects should be enhanced and developed in terms of on-line promotions and e-commerce opportunities and, equally, determining which aspects are damaging and should be removed or re-structured.

13. Global Client Protection – a bespoke, all-inclusive service comprising all aspects of the above on a 24-7 / 365-days-a-year basis, providing clients with the ultimate in internet protection and on-line brand development.